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The House of Karagiozis


Megaron - The Athens Concert Hall
Ilias Karellas Theatre Company

Karagiozis is building his home at the Megaron! How would you like to go for a visit? Elias Karellas has the key.

In a multilayered educational performance, we tour Karagiozis' house, discover his secrets, and admire collectible shadow theatre puppets from all over the world.
At the end of our visit, the children's favourite shadow puppeteer sets up his white screen in Karagiozis’ yard and presents Karagiozis the Conductor!
The Athens Concert Hall establishes – for the first time in Greece – a home for shadow puppetry.

Daily shows for schools
Monday to Friday, 10:30
Starting: Thursday 1 November
School shows reservations and information
+30 210 7777104 & 210 7777124

Public performances
Saturday 19 January, 17:00 (and every Saturday until 20 April 2019)
+30 210 7282333