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Drops & Points
by Pascal Schumacher
feat. Maxime Delpierre


The unique Pascal Schumacher at the Athens Concert Hall for the third time, in an enchanting creation of sound and image! A vibraphone virtuoso and a composer, the multi-award-winning modern classics star marries classical music with minimal electronic sounds, and initiates us all over again into the ethereal soundscapes of his creations, through the show Drops & Points. ‘Volumetric effects’, ‘narrative images’, ‘video mapping’, and lighting accompany the live music in an almost unreal atmosphere. Ethereal music, pastel soundscapes, and cutting-edge digital technology produce a dreamy environment. With him, French guitarist Maxime Delpierre, sound and video designer Joachim Olaya, and the Paris team Collectif Scale, who have created the scenography.