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Gaetano Donizetti: La fille du régiment


Supported by the Antenna Group. In collaboration with the Athens Concert Hall
& the Thessaloniki Concert Hall

A production of the Antenna Group

Live broadcast from the Metropolitan Opera, New York

- Gaetano Donizetti: La fille du régiment

In French, with Greek subtitles

Director Laurent Pelly
Set designer Chantal Thomas
Costume designer Laurent Pelly
Lighting designer Joël Adam
Choreographer Laura Scozzi

Marie Pretty Yende
La Marquise de Berkenfeld Stephanie Blythe
Tonio Javier Camarena
Sergeant Sulpice Maurizio Muraro

Conductor Enrique Mazzola

What is a young girl doing in an infantry regiment? Marie was adopted by the regiment when, as a little girl, she was found alone on a battlefield, and Sergeant Sulpice is like a father to her. But Marie grew up and fell in love with a local lad, Tonio, who asks the Regiment for her hand in marriage. And just as the soldiers consent to the marriage (how could they resist Tonio who has just sung no fewer than nine high Cs in a row!), an English marquise turns up  who reveals that Marie is her long-lost niece, and of noble descent, and wants to take her away in order to raise her as a proper lady. How will the predicament be solved?
In the Metropolitan Opera production, Donizetti’s comic opera, first performed by the Paris Opéra-Comique, is set in the First World War period. Pretty Yende and Javier Camarena promise a wonderful bel canto evening!