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Kostis Maraveyas: Music for the Theatre

Megaron - The Athens Concert Hall
Pure Art

An exciting journey through songs and music for the theatre and cinema, by popular and versatile Kostis Maraveyas. From Aristophanes to Molière, from Epidaurus and the National Theatre to the Neos Kosmos Theatre and the Gyalino Music Theatre, Maraveyas writes music for comedy and drama, for young and old: Lysistrata, Women at the Ecclesia [Ekklēsiazousai], L’Avare [The Miser], but also The Wolf’s Girl, Monaksxà, Aneraida, and the Bright Room for children. A special evening, with surprise guests and the Camerata Musicians!

Kostis Maraveyas, Nadia Kontogeorgi, Dimitra Selemidou, Ian Stratis

The Camerata–Friends of Music Orchestra Musicians
Conductor, Orchestrator: Panos Vlachos