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Inferno–In Dante’s Hell


Through texts, music and period instruments, the musical performance Inferno transports us to the golden era of Florence and the soul-stirring poem of the great Florentine poet Dante Alighieri (1265-1321). Medieval beliefs about Hell and an impressive array of characters, with the Divine Comedy, the music of the Middle Ages, and the eternal anguish of life and death as a starting point. The performance features 14th-century music and texts, elaborate Ars Nova works, and compositions by musicians like Arnaut Daniel, praised by Dante. At the same time, emphasis is placed upon the spiritual, allegorical worldview of the time, divided between human and divine. The Ex Silentio Ensemble, specialized in early music on period instruments, presents a variety of items of the medieval instrumentarium, like the Gothic harp and the vielle (a musical instrument par excellence) as well as several kinds of flute.

Ex Silentio:
Fanie Antonelou soprano
Dimitris Kountouras flutes–conductor
Flora Papadopoulou harp
Electra Miliadou vielle   

Telemachus Krevaikas actor