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Tango at Megaron
Dance-Theatre Performance ‘12 Mins to Live’ & Milonga at the Banquet Hall

With its roots tracing back to West Africa and Spain, the tango took shape in the Río de la Plata slums, and with its unique dynamism grew and survived into the 20th and, unpredictably, the 21st century, expressing a sort of ritualistic erotic code which is being renewed through young composers and performers. 

A two-day phantasmagoric dance-music show, with tango and Argentinian songs, culminating in a milonga evening with the participation of the audience, for the first time at the Athens Concert Hall! With the Athens Tango Ensemble quintet on 21 Feb., and La Yumba Team with Jorge Barreto on 22 Feb.

Dance-Theatre performance ’12 Mins to Live’: A story full of tango
Milonga at the Banquet Hall: A dance evening with recordings from the golden era of the tango, as well as live music by the Athens Tango Ensemble

12 Mins to Live
With the participation of La Yumba Team

Actors Kelly Giannaki, Giannis Ifantis
Movement Direction / Choreography
Konstantinos Doukas, Eleni Tsirigoti, Andreas Spiliopoulos, Nikos Baltatzis, Alexandra Saltaoura, Antonis Ioannidis
Scenario / Direction Aphrodite Kefala, Eleni Tsirigoti

Costume Designer Eleni Tsirigoti
Set Designer Lena Grigoriadou
Milonga Evening
With the participation of the audience, and featuring a dance show by the dance teams of the following schools:
Academia del Tango
El Abrazo
Tango Fix
DJ Ozan Firat

Co-ordination Konstantinos Doukas

Co-produced by the Eptatechno Club and the Athens Concert Hall