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Ballet in two acts

Two stars of international ballet, Alina Cojocaru (Covent Garden) and Alina Somova (Mariinsky Ballet) will perform the role of Giselle in the masterpiece of the same name, partnered by Johan Kobborg and David Makhateli (principal dancers at Covent Garden).
Alina Cojocaru and the Covent Garden Ballet recently took their production of Giselle on a triumphant tour of the Far East, while Alina Somova and the Mariinsky Ballet recently danced at Covent Garden. It is now the turn of Athens, and Greek lovers of classical dance will be anxious not to miss these talented artists, supported by the Ballet of the Latvian National Opera.

Music: Adolphe Adam
Choreography: Jean Coralli, Jules Perrot & Marius Petipa
Libretto: Théophile Gautier & Jules Henri Vernoy de Saint-Georges

Giselle: Alina Somova
Alfred: David Makhateli 
Soloists: Iliana Puhova, Sabine Guravska, Rita Lukašēvica, Zigmārs Kirilko,
Arturs Sokolovs, Viktors Seiko, Ringolds Žigis, Andris Pudāns

Corps de ballet of the Latvian National Opera

Event organized by: Golden Stage Events