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Educational programmes

The Athens Concert Hall fulfils its educational role not only through the high quality of the productions it stages, its well-regarded publications and themed series of events, but also through a variety of supplementary activities designed to contribute to the education of its younger audience. It offers affordable tickets for a series of events forming an introduction to classical and other forms of music, ensuring that its special Sunday Morning concerts and events for young people are appealing and of the highest quality. The superb instructors and musicians involved in these events have earned them a reputation which inspires us with considerable optimism and has generated remarkable enthusiasm in their young audiences, overturning the depressing modern stereotypes of young people and their interests.

Organized visits
Organized tours of Concert Hall exhibitions are available to school groups or individual visitors. The tours are run at scheduled times by specially trained guides and animators.

Themed series of events
The Athens Concert Hall broke new ground in introducing the idea of a single theme viewed through the prism of various art forms and different perspectives. The Electra and Medea cycles allowed audiences to see a single theme tackled in music, opera, the visual arts, theatre, literature and poetry. The Concert Hall’s own books have reinvigorated Greek publishing with excellent translations of key texts in world literature, as well as original new works.

Megaron Plus – free education for all
The Megaron Plus series of events – lectures, symposia, conferences, exhibitions, dramatized lessons – has acquired an enthusiastic and demanding audience.
Internationally renowned scientists, men of letters, artists and politicians have spoken to packed auditoriums at the Concert Hall, offering intellectual stimulus of the highest calibre and the excitement of the live exchange of ideas.