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Sunday Morning Events

‘Knowledge is happiness’

The Sunday Mornings at the Concert Hall are designed to introduce young people to popular works in the symphonic repertoire, with appealing commentary and presentations by experienced musical experts.
The intention of the Sunday Mornings is to offer knowledge and entertainment, also allowing young people to familiarize themselves with music through play, often taking an active role in performance.
These events have proved enormously popular, have covered all the different facets of musical activity and have given young people the opportunity – at very low cost – to make their first acquaintance with the world of music and the joy of musical knowledge.
Bring your children along to the Sunday Mornings, enjoy a coffee in the sunny foyers and, after the performance, enjoy a walk in the blooming gardens of the Concert Hall.
Tickets for the Sunday Mornings are very reasonably priced, and priority is given to children, young people and their accompanying adults.