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Christos Lambrakis Hall

The jewel in the crown of the Athens Concert Hall, and one of the best-designed concert halls anywhere in Europe

photos: Stefanos Karamanian

This is not just a remarkable venue to look at – it also has impressive amenities. The designers paid careful attention to every detail to ensure that the result was aesthetically pleasing and the acoustics perfect.
The hall’s maximum capacity is 1961, but the number of seats can be changed to suit the kind of event being staged. This is a real multi-use venue, because the ingenuity of the design allows the space to be literally transformed. It can accommodate and provide superb technical support for events of all kinds – symphony and chamber concerts, recitals, opera, theatrical performances and ballet, with sound amplification, as well as sound recording sessions at every level and, of course, conferences.
Stage, ceiling and seats can all be adjusted as required, not only changing the shape of the venue but altering the acoustics. Apart from sound amplification systems, the hall also has nine simultaneous interpretation booths and a giant screen above the stage for showing films.