Megaron organised the sixth annual edition of the Animegaron International Animated Film Music Competition. This year, the participants composed the musical score for Anastasia Papadopoulou’s film Elevator Alone.

In collaboration with Animasyros
International Animation Film Festival + Agora

Animegaron 2023, the 2022-23 International Animated Film Music Competition by Megaron the Athens Concert Hall, attracted a large number of entries from Greece and abroad (including the USA, Indonesia and Spain). The Competition, which has now established itself as an institution, was held for the sixth consecutive year as part of the Bridges Cycle, in collaboration with Animasyros International Festival + Animation Market. This year, participants were invited to write music for the animated short film “Elevator Alone” by Anastasia Papadopoulou, a graduate of the Department of Graphic Design and Visual Communication of the University of West Attica.

The first prize was awarded to Thodoris Papadimitriou (57HM3), who dedicated it to the students of the Department of Cinema of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The second prize was shared by Diamantina Vrachlioti and Konstantinos Imvriotis, while the third prize was awarded to Eleni Exarchou. The jury also awarded first distinction to Pierros Papadakos and second distinctionto Lydia de la Guía Benítez. The four Animegaron winners receive cash prizes and will be supported by a wide range of promotional activities.

This year, the jury was composed of Idra Kayne (musician), Sergios Kotsovoulos (director-screenwriter), Dimitris Marangopoulos (composer, artistic curator and programmer of the BRIDGES Cycle), Elli Papakonstantinou (director) and Konstantinos Tigadis (visual artist, deputy chairman of the Department of Audio and Visual Arts of the Ionian University).

Every year, the very large number of participants from Greece and abroad demonstrates the intense interest of creators – younger and not only – in film music and even more so in animation films, which leave a wide field of freedom, imagination and compositional creation.

Animegaron’s main objective is to become a showcase for talented composers of music for the screen, enabling them to communicate not only with the public but also with professionals from the world of entertainment and the performing arts. Thus, in addition to the general public, television and film producers, directors and critics were informed about the webcast of the final phase of the Competition. In this context, the short film by Anastasia Papadopoulou, musically scored by the 11 best compositions, based on the evaluation and scoring of the jury, was presented and is available on Megaron’s social media. In addition, the soundtracks are also available on the permanent platform created on the Megaron’s website: