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3rd Bobos Arts Festival An original cultural festival for kids in the Athens Concert Hall Garden

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Bobos Arts Festival is a cultural festival designed for children from 3 to 12 years old, which is organized yearly in Athens and which is for the first time being presented in the beautiful garden of the Athens Concert Hall on Sunday the 10th of June.
Music, theater, visual arts and creative play in a big celebration for the children, culture and the arts!
Its program runs throughout the day and presents a wide variety of carefully selected cultural shows, which aim to familiarize children with the arts and offer quality entertainment to the entire family.
Wear your hats, pick up your picnic rugs and come spend exciting moments full of play in the Athens Concert Hall’s green garden.

The festival’s program includes:
– Burger Project “A Crazy Concert”: The band’s new interactive play-concert for children and imaginative adults.
– “Agisilagos”: A musical puppet tale by Dimitris Baslam.  A story for a rabbit cook and his adventures, who is interpreted and animated with lots of imagination and humor, accompanied by live music.
– “The Much Feared Enemy and The Chained Elephant”: Two stories by Jorge Bucay, interpreted by the award-winning Topi theatrical team. A play about the values of life, made with a great deal of humor and interaction.
– “Isol’s stories”: An interactive narrative, played by the awarded theatrical team Kopernikos, based on the work of the renowned Argentine writer and illustrator Isol (Martis Editions), on her first visit to Greece.
– A series of imaginative shows by La Petite Marguerite (bubble show), Alex de Paris (pantomime) and Motus Terrae (interactive happening).

Along with the main program, a series of parallel workshops and events will be taking place throughout the day:
– British Council Kid’s corner “Playing with words”: Through various educational games, children will come into contact with some of the world’s languages, highlighting the importance of learning foreign languages while sharpening their memory and linguistic skills. 
– “Little archaeologists, great discoveries” by Archaeolab: An original workshop that resembles the process of an archaeological excavation.
– “Melodist” by Peripatos Cultural Company: A workshop inspired by the sounds of summer.
– “Isol’s arts workshop” by Martis Editions: A workshop inspired by the work of the renowned writer and illustrator Isol.
– “Prints of color” by Me Ligi Fantasia Company: A colorful creative workshop in which children create their own unique designs on fabric, using colorful …potato prints.

The festival is presented by the actor Yannis Sarakatsanis

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