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A tribute to Leonard Cohen with Nalyssa Green, Sugahspank! & Lou is with Nalyssa Green, Sugahspank! & Lou is



“There is a crack in everything that’s how the light gets in”

Leonard Cohen


The tribute to Leonard Cohen with Nalyssa Green, Sugahspank! and Lou is returns this summer to the magical Garden of the Athens Concert Hall to give us a unique evening. Three different artists take us on a journey through the wondrous universe of Leonard Cohen with their distinct voices.

A Tribute to Leonard Cohen with Nalyssa Green, Sugahspank and Lou is is a live musical project. Three young female singers perform the songs that Leonard Cohen stamped with his distinctive heavy voice, accompanied by three outstanding musicians.

Cohen is a unique case of an artist. Poet, musician, teacher and student, he shared his thoughts and his life through simple melodies and a deeply “divine” golden voice. As charming, gentle and meaningful as his songs, Leonard lived a full life. His love of life and human nature with its frailties is evident in his music, while humor and melancholy, journey and destination, body and spirit are bipolar elements that coexist harmoniously in his work.

The tribute to Leonard Cohen was born in September 17, when the musical rehearsals began. Since then, it has been presented in selected performances in Athens and the rest of Greece, with enormous acceptance by audiences and critics alike.

Three musicians and three young singers perform moments from his career. The fragile innocence of Nalyssa Green, the deeply expressive voice of Sugahspank! and Lou’s cultured and versatile voice, accompanied by virtuoso drummer Seraphim Bellos, maestro George Delis on keyboards, and the laconically melodic Adonis Goulielmo on guitar (Swing Shoes) come together on stage to create a unique live collaboration in honour of the great Leonard Cohen.

Over the lifetime of the group, the ferment between the artists has created an open relationship of communication and exchange through Cohen’s music, making the performances a unique experience each time with the song list interspersed and varied in each one.


Co-production: Athens Concert Hall & SOEL & Co.


Sponsor of events at the Garden


Events at the Megaron Garden are held on the green. Spectators are welcome to bring pillows or throws.



Nalyssa Green




Giorgos Dellis


Adonis Goulielmos


Serafim Bellos


Who by Fire
I’m Your Man
Everybody Knows
Take This Waltz
Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye
Famous Blue Raincoat
Boogie Street
The Future
First We Take Manhattan
Bird on a Wire
If it be Your Will
So Long, Marianne
You want it darker
Chelsea Hotel
A Thousand Kisses Deep
Moving On
Aint no Cure for Love
Lover Lover Lover
Tower of Song
Dance Me to the End of Love


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