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Aída Gómez – Compañia de Danza «Permiteme Bailarte»

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The great Spanish dancer and choreographer Aida Gomez attempts in her recent production Allow me to dance for you a very difficult challenge: to revive the traditional Spanish ballet, the aristocratic drawing-room dances and local folk improvisations – offering her audiences an outline history of the evolution of Spanish dance.
The production is dedicated to the legendary dancer Pilar Lopez and will offer audiences a real spectacle, with the dance itself accompanied by superb music and video screenings.

Artistic director: Aída Gómez

Choreography: Aída Gómez, Rubén Olmo, Christian Lozano, Mariemma
Costumes: Franca Squarciapino, Sastería Cornejo,
Pedro Moreno, Roger Salas, Miguel Crespi

Light designer: Juanjo Lloreus

Event organized by: State of the Art Productions

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