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Alexandra Papastefanou

Alexis Karaiskakis-Nastos
Alexandra Papastefanou

Καραϊσκάκης- Παπαστεφάνου


Mendelssohn and Beethoven, two composers inextricably linked with the German Romantic movement, represent two tangent worlds whose essence could not be more different. They may have the same aesthetic origins, but the music of the former always flows effortlessly, soberly and delicately, while the latter loves conflict and drama, fierce passions, painful defeats and hard-won triumphs. Two distinguished Greek soloists who are also active as performers of chamber music works, Alexandra Papastefanou and Alexis Karaiskakis-Nastos, draw on their talent and experience to bring these two worlds into sharp contrast, through well-known works for cello and piano written by the two composers.





Alexis Karaiskakis-Nastos



Alexandra Papastefanou



Felix Mendelssohn: Sonata for cello and piano no. 1 in B-flat major, opus 45

Assai tranquillo for cello and piano in B minor

Ludwig van Beethoven: Sonata for cello and piano no. 4 in C major, opus 102, no. 1

Sonata for cello and piano no. 5 in D major, opus 102, no. 2


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