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Allegria, opus 147 Dmitri Shostakovich: The Last Lesson

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For the first time in fifteen years, Dmitri, Virginie’s music teacher, is late. Today’s lesson is his last. Playwright Joël Jouanneau creates a symphony of the world in counterpoint to a rehearsal that we follow in real time. Under the tempo, we feel the pulse of life, death, despair: the passing of time. The truth of art in a single note: a bare B, bitter, sour, and harsh. At a moment when the world situation replaces art with doubt, the music lesson on the Sonata provides the answer. The teacher reminds us of the fact that art constitutes not only a common bond shared by the community but the survival of the species itself. The artist must cross the ring of fire, and fly on his own in the end, abandoning himself to the open sea. No tears, no screams, no emotions. A moving tribute to great composer Dmitri Shostakovich.

Director: Sotiris Hadjakis
Greek translation of Joël Jouanneau’s text: Zoe Mitsakou
Set & Costume designer: Yannis Metzikof
Assistant director: Melina Katsakouli

Dmitri: Sotiris Hadjakis
Virginie: Athina Giatra (viola)
Thomas: Manos Kitsikopoulos (piano)


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