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An offering of music & a Musical offering The Athens State Orchestra Concerts

Leonidas Kavakos_RSPO, Oct 14 (credit Jan-Olav Wedin)


Appearances by Leonidas Kavakos all over the world are major musical events. In Greece, anticipation for his concerts is mixed with pride, because an artist of his status is supporting the country’s leading orchestral ensemble in these difficult times. Leonidas Kavakos wishes to bring high-quality music both to Athens and to the country’s other regions. For the sixth consecutive year, he joins forces with the Athens State Orchestra pro bono, waiving his fee in favour of the Orchestra –with which he has old and strong ties– while the proceeds of the concerts are donated to charities.




Timotheos Petrin

The Athens State Orchestra

conducted by

Leonidas Kavakos


Sergei Prokofiev: Symphony no. 6 in E flat major, opus 111

Joseph Haydn: Cello Concert in c Major


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