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BRIDGES Season: Animegaron 2021 Award Ceremony

Animegaron-A Waters tale-still-3(c)Nikos Radeos


Online streaming of Nikos Radeos’ A Water’s Tale with the ten best soundtracks.

Award Ceremony.


Subtitles available in Greek and English. To activate viewing with subtitles go to settings and select the language you prefer.

One film – Ten different musical inspirations

With the record number of 163 entries from Greece and around the world, Animegaron, the International Animated Film Music Competition 2020-21, in cooperation with Animasyros International Animation Film Festival + Agora, will culminate in the award ceremony that will be streamed online and will be open for all to watch, on 27th February 2021 at 20:30 Greek time (UTC+2).
The ten soundtracks with the highest score, as rated by the Jury, will be played on the film followed by the announcement of the awards (3 prizes plus 2 distinctions) and the top 25 names from the competition whose soundtrack will be hosted on the Megaron website. Janis Vakarelis, Artistic Director of Megaron – the Athens Concert Hall, Dimitris Maragopoulos, head of the Bridges cycle, and members of the Jury, will introduce the awards.

Jury members:

  • Maria Anestopoulou, Director, Animasyros International Animated Film Festival & Agora
  • Dimitris Maragopoulos, Composer, Director of Bridges season, President of the Jury
  • Dimitris Panagiotatos, Director, Head of the Film School, New York College
  • Nick Phelps, Composer
  • Lena Platonos, Composer

This year, a key objective of the Competition is its transformation into a showcase of talented music composers for visual content, and the introduction of this talented pool of artists to the audiovisual industry as well as the general audience. The online streaming of this year’s award ceremony will be watched by TV and film producers, directors and critics.

Μ will also host the 25 best scores, as rated by the Jury – watch them here

Nikos Radeos short animated film A Water’s Tale, with the award winning scores, will also be screened at Animasyros International Animated Film Festival & Agora 2021.

In cooperation with Animasyros International Animation Film Festival + Agora




In cooperation with


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