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Athens Philharmonia Orchestra Byron Fidetzis

FOA- Fidetzis


Homage to the musical spirit of France.

During the era of European peace, which began with the conclusion of the Franco-Prussian War in 1871 and ended with the commencement of World War I in 1914, French music flourished. During this time, composer César Frank would reach the pinnacle of his career as a composer, while his students (among them Vincent d’Indy) would compose some of their most outstanding works. During the same period, Claude Debussy would venture into a novel, strongly impressionistic musical idiom, setting an example that Maurice Ravel would also follow in his own distinct way. Philharmonia Orchestra, under the baton of its conductor Byron Fidetzis, joins forces with the acclaimed Greek soloist and piano virtuoso Thedore Tzovanakis to take us on an enchanting journey through the richness and magic of that era.




Thodoris Tzovanakis

Athens Philharmonia Orchestra


Byron Fidetzis


Claude Debussy: Petite Suite (Little Suite), orchestration Henri Büsser

Maurice Ravel: Ma Mère l’Oye (Mother Goose), suite

César Franck: Les Djinns (The Jinns), symphonic poem for piano and orchestra

Vincent d’ Indy: Symphonie sur un Chant Montagnard Français (Symphony on a French mountain air) for piano and orchestra, opus 25




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