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Athens State Orchestra & Corfu Philharmonic Society: Heroes II

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The Athens State Orchestra is happy to collaborate with the Philharmonic Society of Corfu, a precious 180-year-old musical institution which has proved vital for the development of music in the Ionian Islands, and has produced fine musicians that have manned the entire country’s symphonic ensembles. The Corfu Philharmonic Society and the Athens State Orchestra are offering a rich and highly unusual programme consisting of works composed in the spirit of the Greek War of Independence celebrated on March 25th.
– Byzantine Hymn: Τη Υπερµάχω Στρατηγώ [To our Lady, the Defending General]

– Spyros Prosoparis: 1821, Symphonic March

– Pavlos Carrer: ‘Kyra-Frosyni’ [‘The Lady Frosyni’], Opera Overture

– Dionysios Visvardis: ‘The Eagle’, from the ‘Greek Triptych’
Intermezzo, from the Second Macedonian Suite
– Nikolaos Halikiopoulos Mantzaros: Hymn to Freedom (excerpts)

– Spyridon Argalias: March of the Ancestors

– Georgios Sklavos: Intermezzo, from the incidental music for the drama ‘Kyra-Frosyni’ [‘The Lady Frosyni’]

– Dionysios Lavrangas: First Hellenic Suite

– Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky: 1812 Overture, Op. 49

The Philharmonic Society of Corfu
Conducted by Spyros Prosoparis

The Athens State Orchestra
Conducted by Georgios Balatsinos

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