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Beryozka Russian Dance Company - Moscow

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With sixty-three years of history behind them, and performances in more than 80 countries all over the world, the Beryozka Ballet of Moscow continues to thrill its audiences, vindicating its reputation as one of Russia’s leading folklore ensemble.
The original inspiration behind the ballet was choreographer Nadezda Nadezdina, who introduced new, contemporary features into traditional Russian folk dance. In 1957 she was succeeded by Mira Koltsova, who trained at the Bolshoi and brought a new breath of life to the company as it continued its explorations of traditional dance. International fame soon followed, the company bringing the profound lyricism of the Russian soul to new audiences around the world. The Beryozka Ballet continues to present performances with high production values that are an authentic, faithful showcase for Russia’s folk traditions.

Event organized by: Artistic Events «Cultural Thessaloniki»

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