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Chamber music for viola, clarinet and piano

Μουσική Δωματίου


What happens when the velvety sound of the clarinet is joined by the dark but warm sound of the viola and the rich harmonious sound of the piano? The diversity of the result is indeed impressive! The three instruments complement each other in an ideal way, whether they unravel similar musical material together or contribute different phrases and moods to the musical action. That’s why their combination brings out just as successfully both the sensitive writing of Bruch and the piquantly humorous writing of Françaix. And all these become even more interesting when the three soloists are as gifted, skilled and imaginative as Ilias Livieratos, Spyros Mourikis and Nefeli Mousoura.



Ilias Livieratos





Spiros Mourikis


Nefeli Mousoura


Max Bruch: Eight pieces for clarinet, viola and piano, opus 83 (selection)

Robert Schumann: Fantasiestücke (Fantasy pieces) for clarinet and piano, opus 73

Claude Debussy: First rhapsody for clarinet and piano

Sergey Prokofiev: Suite for viola and piano from the ballet Romeo and Juliet

adaptation: Vadim Borisovsky

Jean Françaix: Trio for clarinet, viola and piano

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