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The Domna Samiou Greek Folk Music Association Choir

Christmas Carols from Greece
The Domna Samiou Greek Folk Music Association Choir Free on this page

MMA-Xorodia Domna Samiou - (c)Akriviadis




The choir was formed in 1993 by Domna Samiou. In its initial composition, it consisted of students from the traditional singing class she taught at the Museum of Greek Folk Musical Instruments ‘Phoebus Anogianakis’ from 1993 to 2001. Under Domna’s guidance, the choir participated in multiple concerts and studio recordings.


Katerina Papadopoulou is the choir’s coordinator and teacher.


The Domna Samiou Greek Folk Music Association Choir

Irene Athanasoula

Marianne Athanasoula

Anna Anastasiadou

Adamadia Vlami

Alexis Zafeiriou

Stelios Karanikolos

Anna Maria Markantoni

Georgia Palioura

Alexandros Piskioulis

Maria Sperdouli

Aggeliki Sourdi

Danae Topouzi

Theano Tseliou

Despina Chamali

Eleni Chrysikou


Marina Prokopiou, ney

Athanasia Stathia, kanonaki

Lazaros Savvidis, percussion instruments


Sokratis Sinopoulos, lyra- lute

Stratis Psaradellis lyra- lute

Charitonas Charitonidis, flute- tsambouna

Chorus master, lute, percussion instruments

Katerina Papadopoulou


Ας τονε καλαντρίσουμε, Σάμου

Κάτου στα Ιεροσόλυμα, Σάμου

Κάλαντα Βυζαντινά αργά, Κοτυώρων

Αρχιμηνιά κι Αρχιχρονιά, Καππαδοκίας

Κάλαντα Βυζαντινά σύντομα, Κοτυώρων

Κάλαντα της Αυγής, Ρόδου

Αρχιμηνιά κι αρχιχρονιά, Τσεσμέ


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