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Civil Epics

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Civil Epics by Phaidon Chatziantoniou

FARIS Municipal and Regional Theatre of Kalamata


Arrogant and narcissistic Alcibiades at the time of the Peloponnesian War (5th century B.C.), Prince Demetrios Palaiologos, one of the protagonists of the Palaiologan civil war in the Peloponnese (15th century A.D.), chieftain Odysseas Androutsos and the civil war during the Greek Revolution of 1821 and, finally, Greek Communist Party leader Nikos Zachariadis, a protagonist of the civil war of the 1940s, are the central figures of a play that holds a mirror up to the face of Greece.

Cynicism, provocation, narcissism, ridicule, downfall and strife dominate the narrative of a performance beyond the ordinary, which takes its viewers on a journey of reflection.

A co-production:

FARIS Municipal and Regional Theatre of Kalamata

and Megaron the Athens Concert Hall



Yannis Margaritis









Dimitris Ikonomakis

Stage sets & costumes

Eleni Manolopoulou

All roles are played by Chryssanthi Douzi


She is accompanied on the stage by the musician Dimitris Bakeas (wind instruments, percussion)


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