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Claudio Monteverdi: L’ Orfeo

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Occasioned by the anniversary for the 450 years after Monteverdi’s birth, Thanos Papakonstantinou and Markellos Chryssicos present L’ Orfeo – an emblematic play, often regarded as the first opera in the history of music. The Latinitas Nostra Baroque ensemble alongside composer and musicologist Panos Iliopoulos suggest a new acoustic interpretation of the original material and set to music the original epilogue (1607) of the opera, which exists only in text form in Alessandro Striggio’s libretto.

With Greek surtitles

Concept: Markellos Chryssicos
Director: Thanos Papakonstantinou
Transcriptions, musical composition, live electronics: Panos Iliopoulos
Set & costume designer: Niki Psychogiou
Lighting design: Christina Thanasoula
Choreographer: Irida Kyriakopoulou
Musical coaching: Markellos Chryssicos, Panos Iliopoulos
Assistants director: Konstantina Psoma, Vasilis Vilaras
Assistant set designer: Marios Panagiotou
Assistant costume designer: Konstantina Papakonstantinou

Orfeo: Juan Sancho
Theodora Baka, Christos Kechris, Irini Bilini, Anastasia Kotsali, Sophia Patsi,
Lenia Safiropoulou, Marios Sarantidis, Maria Palaska, Petros Magoulas, Savina Yannatou

Early Music Ensemble Latinitas Nostra
Conductor: Markellos Chryssicos

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