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Greek Tradition – From the Akritai to the present day

Clio travels in musical space-time:
Greek Tradition – From the Akritai to the present day

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Clio, a lively little girl, full of curiosity, travels in space and time with the help of a magic book and a clay wind instrument.
This is Clio’s third journey, and her choice of page in the magic book transports her to distant times, though the place is more familiar to us. Our young friend meets Constantine, an Akritas (a Byzantine Empire eastern border guard), who tells her about the Akritai, their adventures and the music that lies at the root of Greek traditional music.
Before long, though, Clio turns a page and finds herself in Venetian-occupied Crete, where she meets little Domenicos, and together they find out about the development of Cretan musical tradition. A little later, in mainland Greece this time, she will become acquainted with the music of the Klephts and Armatoloi that fought in the War of Independence.
Her journey ends in the present, with our traditional music, an inseparable part of our cultural heritage. Through little Clio’s new adventure, the young friends of the Megaron are introduced to the medieval origins of Greek traditional music, and learn about the landmarks of our History, while listening to characteristic musical extracts and getting to know our traditional instruments and playing techniques.
Concept-Supervision-Texts-Presentation: Sophia Topouzi
Musical Teaching and Supervision, Politiki lyra: Sokratis Sinopoulos
Singer and Chorus Master: Katerina Papadopoulou

With the participation of Students of the Department of Music Science & Arts, University of Macedonia,
and Members of the Domna Samiou Greek Folk Music Association Choir

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