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Jean Anouilh, “Antigone”

Jean Anouilh, “Antigone”

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In collaboration with the French Institute of Greece in the framework of the programme
“Grèce France – Alliance 2014”

Jean Anouilh, “Antigone” – Comédie-Française
Directed by Marc Paquien
For the first time in the Comédie-Française
Théâtre du Vieux-Colombier, September 14, 2012

Reminding us that Anouilh wrote and staged his Antigone during the Occupation, Marc Paquien focuses on the shock this production created. Antigone, a modern woman who frees herself of the myth, speaks to us in a language of incredible simplicity and beauty, a message of resistance that resonates with today’s world.

With Greek surtitles
Translation: Marios Ploritis

Director: Marc Paquien
Artistic collaborator: Diane Scott
Set designer: Gérard Didier
Costume designer: Claire Risterucci
Lighting designer: Dominique Bruguière
Sound designer: Xavier Jacquot
Makeup: Cécile Kretschmar

With the actors and the troupe of the Comédie-Française

Véronique Vella NURSE
Bruno Raffaelli CREON
Françoise Gillard ANTIGONE
Clotilde de Bayser CHORUS
Nicolas Lormeau GUARDIAN
Benjamin Jungers MESSENGER
Pierre Hancisse HAEMON
Claire de la Rüe du Can ISMENE
Also participating: 
Laurent Cogez 3rd GUARDIAN, Carine Goron PAGE
Lucas Hérault 2nd GUARDIAN 
A tour of the Atelier Théâtre Actuel

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