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Composition Workshop for Young Composers

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As early as 1997, distinguished composer, conductor, and Member of the Academy of Athens Theodoros Antoniou established this series of workshops for young Greek composers at the Athens Concert Hall, aiming at an educational-creative process and a collaboration between conductor, young composer, and musicians. This idea was embraced by Megaron, and each year aspiring composers have a chance to perfect their work through rehearsal and collaboration, and present it to the public.

– Melina Vlachou: Translation III: Planets and Numbers
– Michalis Goutis: Come and Go
Jason Damorakis: The Ogre that Eats Little Girls
Constantinos Lykouriotis: Hypolaïs
Ioannis Maramathas: Interaction of 8
Efthymia Temponera: RIGEL–β Οrionis

The Hellenic Ensemble of Contemporary Music
Conducted by Iakovos Konitopoulos

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