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From Crete to Palestine

“Cretans – Philestines – Palestinians”
From Crete to Palestine

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Under the Auspices of the Palestinian Embassy of Greece

A magical musical journey  of music and dance on the shores of the Eastern  Mediterrenean visits Crete and Palestine, two cultures which share deep historical and geopolitical roots.
Fifty Cretan and Palestinian dancers come together on stage, to the traditional and contemporary music performed by musicians from both countries.
Vassilis Skoulas, the legendary singer and lyra player from Anogeia, Crete, leads this musical journey with exceptional guest artist Haig Yazdjian, merging traditional Cretan and Arabic songs and dances, as well as works by Mikis Theodorakis , whose inspiration lies in the fighting spirit and struggle of these two countries for freedom.
Selected songs will be performed in the Arabic language without translation

Vassilis Skoulas voice, lyra
Haig Yazdjian voice, oud
Tatiana Papageorgiou piano
Alexandros Belles voice
Ramallah Dance Company
‘Vrakoforoi’ Dance Group



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