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Dimitris Papaioannou: INK (Limited availability)

2_Dimitris Papaioannou and Haris Fragoulis will be sharing the leading part in the additional performances announced at Megaron_INK (2020)_photo by Julian Mommert (left) + Alexander Papa (right)_20221130_JCM_3844


Limited availability of tickets. 

The guardian of a dark, flooded universe tries to maintain order. It is a fragile balancing act only he can perform. The intrusion of a visitor from the bowels of the earth disrupts his solitary existence, introducing tenderness and torment, to the point of cruelty. In a duet that soon shades into a duel, Dimitris Papaioannou, accompanied by the fascinating dancer Šuka Horn, probes the limits of reality through the filters of science fiction and horror. The result is a gripping chase, a nightmarish manhunt… unless it is us trying to escape our own subconscious?

29 January: Dimitris Papaioannou
18, 22, 25 and 28 January: Haris Fragoulis
23 January, 17:30: Dimitris Papaioannou
23 January, 20:00: Haris Fragoulis

A creation of Dimitris Papaioannou

The performance is suitable for audiences 15+ years old.

Commissioned and co-produced by Torinodanza Festival / Teatro Stabile di Torino – Teatro Nazionale + Fondazione I Teatri / Festival Aperto – Reggio Emilia
Tour co-producers: Biennale de la danse de Lyon 2023, Sadler’s Wells London, Megaron the Athens Concert Hall
Supporter: Ministry of Culture and Sport

The first world presentation is co-produced by Megaron the Athens Concert Hall and Dimitris Papaioannou

Since 2017, Megaron the Athens Concert Hall has been hosting Dimitris Papaioannou and his team during the creation, preparation and rehearsals of his works.


Concept - Direction - Props - Sets - Costumes - Lighting

Dimitris Papaioannou

Dressed Man

Dimitris Papaioannou / Haris Fragoulis

Naked Man

Šuka Horn / Antonio Papazis


Cornelios Selamsis

The music was recorded by musicAeterna conducted by Teodor Currentzis

Sound Design

David Blouin

Lighting Design

Lucien Laborderie, Stephanos Droussiotis

Producer - Assistant Director

Tina Papanikolaou

Contributing Director

Haris Fragoulis

Team training

Šuka Horn

Photo & Video

Julian Mommert

The name of the work was given by Angelos Mentis

The octopuses were made by Nectarios Dionysatos



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