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“The turning year”

Dionysis Savvopoulos:
“The turning year”

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Dionysis Savvopoulos reads fairytales for the young and old in a performance of song and painted dreams, with storytellers and singers, traditional shadow puppeteers, acrobats and magicians.
For children
Who are no longer the just the audience,
Here, they enter the story and the painting,
Making it new again

Text, Music, Songs: Dionysis Savopoulos
Paintings: Foteini Stefanidi
Sets & Costumes: Yiannis Metzikov
Director: Sofia Spyratou
Choreography: Sofia Spyratou
Narrator: Dionysis Savopoulos

Piano, Keyboards, Percussion: Stavros Lantsias
Electric double-bass, Percussion: Yiotis Kiourtsoglou

Dancers, Singers, Narrators:
Evripidis Zemenidis, Bela Kasimi, Rinio Kyriazi, Fenia Papadodima

Nardi Azizai, Alexandros Keivanai, Alexis Kyriakoulis
Magda Koukou, Andrea Rama, Rania Fovou, Evi Hatzaki,
Elena Hatzidaki, Roxani-Eleni Garefalaki, Kimon Haitoglou

Assistant director: Chloe Mantzari
Research consultant: Christos Boulotis
Traditional shadow puppeteer: Athos Danellis
Lighiting: Giorgos Tellos
Sound: Yiannis Tountas

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