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Ensemble Intercontemporain

Ensemble Intercontemporain


Ensemble Intercontemporain was founded in 1976 in Paris by the pioneering French composer Pierre Boulez, with the aim of promoting contemporary musical creation. Since its foundation and until today, the exceptional skills of the ensemble’s musicians, its diverse activities and its innovative spirit, have inspired the greatest composers of our time. As a result, its repertoire currently boasts over three thousand works. In the four works to be performed at Megaron, listeners will come into contact with complex rhythmic experimentations, stimulating consonances, extreme dynamics, labyrinthine exposures of motifs and innovative performance techniques – all of them elements of unprecedented musical “choreographies” characteristic of the idiosyncratic image of the 20th century. Sensitive composers capture the “hum” our complex world as well as the modern achievements of the sciences, such as physics, architecture or neurobiology, creating a new musical “geometry” that tests our spirit and our senses, flirting with their limits!




Εnsemble Intercontemporain


Dylan Corlay



Sofia Avramidou: A hug to die

György Ligeti: Chamber concerto, for thirteen performers

Yan Maresz: Entrelacs (Synapses), for six instruments (1998)

Iannis Xenakis: Jalons (Milestones), for fifteen performers (1986)



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