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Euripides Laskaridis – OSMOSIS:

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In an undefined emptiness, a cosmic being of unclear gender sways gently on a swing. Forehead large, belly swollen, with child or just ideas.
Omnipotent and always there, from before the beginning. Immortal, and restless. Ever in need of a companion: an imperceptible presence, a shadow-figure who slips through the surrounding darkness to make this peculiar cosmos spin.

Direction, choreography & set design: Euripides Laskaridis
Performers: Euripides Laskaridis, Dimitris Matsoukas
Costumes: Angelos Mendis
Original music & sound design: Giorgos Poulios
Programming, sound design & live music operator: Themistocles Pandelopoulos
Sound installation & live music operatoroperator: Nikos Kollias
Lighting designer: Eliza Alexandropoulou
Lights installation: Konstantinos Margkas, Giorgos Melissaropoulos
Dramaturgy consultant: Alexandros Mistriotis
Artistic collaborators: Drosos Skotis, Diogenis Skaltsas, Thanos Lekkas, Nikos Dragonas, Simos Patieridis
Assistants to the directors: Dimitris Triandafyllou, Paraskevi Lypimenou
Assistant to the set & costume designer: Ioanna Plessa
Production assistants – trainees: Samuel Esteves Querido, Lisandra Caires
Production co-ordinator: Elisabeth Tsouchtidi

The performance is presented with the support of Fondation d’ entreprise Hermès (FR), within the framework of the New Settings program.
Co-producers: Athens and Epidaurus Festival (GR), Théâtre de la Ville (FR), Eleusis 2021 European Capital of Culture (GR), Festival TransAmériques (CA), Julidans Amsterdam (NL), Megaron – The Athens Concert Hall (GR), CCVF Guimaraes (PR), OSMOSIS Performing Arts Co (GR).
And with the support of O Espaço do Tempo (PR), NEON Organization for Culture and Development (GR), Centre Culturel Hellenique (FR), Isadora & Raymond Duncan Dance Research Centre (GR).
Airline Sponsor: AEGEAN Airlines


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