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Everything is opera!
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Ola einai opera - (c)Thanassis Netas - 1


A humble bathtub is transformed into the stage of a theatre, and its plain curtain into the stage’s grand drape! Once it is raised, children and grown-ups alike we will learn all thesecrets of the music, of the opera and of the musical instruments, and we will get to know all the professions that work together to create a stage production.



This production is implemented with support from the Ministry of Culture and Sports, in the context of the measuresto support artistic production, taken in response to the COVID19 pandemic.


Concept, text, Dramaturgy

Michaella Chatziangelou


Supervision of educational material

Sophia Topouzi

Direction, Set Design Supervision

Elias Karellas



Dimitris Makalias


Antigoni Psychrami


Olga Papakonstantinou


Yannis Kalyvas

Coach- Repetiteur

Giannis Aeriniotis

Visual material Director

Ioanna Giannouli

Visual material Photography Direction

Alexandros Tserepas


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Shadows on the Stave

How can an orchestra of traditional instruments interpret Beethoven? Can baroque music and rebétiko fit together on the same stage? How does an aria turn into an amané? Is it possible to find, in the same story, songs by unknown creators which spread by word of mouth and works by well-known classical composers?

Organizer: Megaron Athens Concert Hall

21.10 - 16.12.2023
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