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Fairy tales for all children!

Paramythia gia Ola ta Paidia 1-(c)H. Akriviadis


We love fairy tales, as they keep us company from the very first years of our life.

Once upon a time, in a world that is the same with ours but also very different from it, life goes on as per usual inside a drawer filled with Socks, love stories, and quarrels. When everything is suddenly turned upside down, Friendship will help solve the problems!


A fairy tale with music and with a message for everyone.


Narrated simultaneously in Greek and in the Greek gesture language, and preceded by an audio description for children with visual impairments.


Fary Tale Text

Kosmas Lampidis, Spyros Roumeliotis, Stavros Roumeliotis


Songs (lyrics-music)

Kosmas Lampidis, Spyros Roumeliotis

Narration/ Singing

Maria Papageorgiou

Singing/ Ney/ Percussion

Kosmas Lampidis

Singing/ Guitars/ Percussion

Stavros Roumeliotis

Intralingual Surtitles with substitution of the audio channel & Introductory audio and haptic description

Emmanouela Patiniotaki

Simultaneus Interpretation in the Greek Sign Language

Theodora Tsapoiti


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