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Fani Antonellou
Kerstin Mörk Μουσικές Συγγένειες

antonelou- mork


Affinities: strength and sensitivity. Technical perfection and expressive lyricism. Romanticism and avant-garde. Complementary pairs that are translated into fascinating interpretive greatness by the soprano Fani Antonellou and pianist Kerstin Mörk and are captured on the album Affinities released in 2019 by VIS. Choosing wisely the affinities that link Greek folk singing and German Lied, the two internationally acclaimed artists of the younger generation select lyrical and poetic images of a musical journey that unfolds in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Through the fascinating diversity of their selections, the friendships, family ties or teacher-student relationships of leading Greek and German composers who studied and created in the three great German-speaking musical centres of Vienna, Munich and Berlin are highlighted. The aesthetic influences, sometimes clear and sometimes elusive, appear either as common origins, such as the folk tradition in the works of Konstantinidis, Kalomimiris and Brahms, or as strong personal idioms, such as the atonal expressionism of Mitropoulos and Schönberg, lending delightful coherence to an imaginatively structured musical mosaic.



Φανή Αντωνέλου


Kerstin Mörk


Nikos Skalkotas: The Fawn

Yannis Konstantinidis: From the 20 songs of the Greek people:
The Erinaki
Tonight at midnight
Mera merosse
The black menhir

Johannes Brahms: Selection from the collection Volkslieder:
Feinsliebschen, du sollst mir nicht barfuß
In stiller Nacht
Es wohnet ein Fiedler
Ach, englische Schäferin

Clara Schumann: Two songs set to poetry by Friedrich Rückert:
Liebst du um Schönheit Op.12, n.2
Er ist gekommen im Sturm und Regen Op.12, n.1

Two songs set to poetry by Heinrich Heine:
Sie liebten sich beide Op.13, n.2

Manolis Kalomiris: Sie liebten sich beide (to poetry by Heinrich Heine)

Two songs set to poetry by Kostis Palamas
The Fairy
The Fairy Seeded

Hugo Wolf: Two songs to poetry by Goethe
Die Spröde
Die Bekehrte

Emilios Riadis: From the “Nine Little Roman Songs“:

Dimitris Mitropoulos:
Aphrodite Ourania (to poetry by Angelos Sikelianos)
The Death of the Sailor (poetry by Antonis Spiliotopoulos)

Arnold Schönberg: From the collection Vier Lieder, Op. 2
Erwartung, n.1 (to poetry by Richard Dehmel)

From the collection Brett-Lieder:
Galathea (in poetry by Frank Wedekind)
Arie aus dem Spiegel von Arkadien (to poetry by Emanuel Schikaneder)

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