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From Both Sides of the Aegean 1922 – 1924 Expulsion and Exchange of populations in 1923: A documentary film by Maria Iliou. On the occasion of the completion of 100 years from the exchange of populations between Turkey and Greece.

Από τις δυό πλευρές του Αιγαίου 1922-1924


From the Two Sides of the Aegean 1922 – 1924
From the Two Sides of the Aegean 1922 – 1924

How did Asia Minor Greeks live in the cosmopolitan Ottoman Empire? What led to the expulsion and the Asia Minor Catastrophe? How did the Greeks receive the Asia Minor refugees when they arrived in Greece in 1922? How did the population exchange of 1923 take place? What are the stories told today by the children and grandchildren of the refugees from both sides of the Aegean? Using personal testimonies and as-yet unknown photographic and film material discovered and preserved by the non-profit company Proteas & Proteus NY in the US and in Europe, director Maria Iliou, historical consultant Alexander Kitroeff and their team unfold a fascinating story in a documentary film that premiered at the Benaki Museum in 2012.


Please note there are no english subtitles. Audio translation will be provided upon request, we suggest you select seats in the stalls for a better experience.

Headphones will be available for English-speaking viewers


Production: Proteus & Proteus NY

Partner: Benaki Museum


Sponsors of the film

Nicholas J. & Anna K. Bouras Foundation

Parliament Television

Bodossaki Foundation


Script – Direction: Maria Iliou

Historical Consultant: Alexander Kitroeff

Music: Nikos Platyrachos

Editing: Aliki Panagi

Cinematographer: Allen Moore

Sound: John Zecca

Dubbing Mixer: Yorgos Mikroyannakis



Bruce Clark, Thanos Veremis,                          

Çağlar Keyder, Eleni Bastea,               

Renée Hirschon, Haris Psomiadis,

Sano Halo, Alexander Kitroeff,

Muffide Pekin, Anthoula Roumelioti,

Meni Atsikbasi, Hüsnü Karaman,

Filio Chaidemenou, Süreyya Aytaş,

Kalliopi Georgiadou


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