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George Kaloudis: Innovating Tradition

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Cellist, lyra player, improviser, and composer, George Kaloudis adapted the cello technique to his favourite instrument, the Cretan lyre, adding a fourth string to it. He was thus able to include the four-string lyre in his compositions, recordings, and concerts. In 2016, after twelve years of research and practice, he recorded Bach’s Suites for solo cello with a four-string lyre (DNA-Label Records), a world first which was followed by the work’s Greek premiere at the Megaron a few months later.
In this unique recital, Kaloudis brings two different historical periods together, revealing a world that is both contemporary and traditional.

Works by J. S. Bach and George Kaloudis

George Kaloudis cello, Cretan lyre, live loop recording, effects

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