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Haydn has run away!



The ERT Symphony Orchestra performs Haydn’s Symphony no. 45, nicknamed “Farewell”. Why was it nicknamed thus? Why do the musicians leave the stage one by one during the symphony’s last movement? These and other questions gave birth to a story. Legend or truth, this story explains why Haydn wrote this work and why it gave it this ending. The well-known and loved actress Nandia Kontogeorgi will tell the children the story of Symphony no. 45. With her perfectrly combed and powdered wig, fully charged megaphone and knowledge and love of music, Nandia will lure spectators young and old into Haydn’s world and Prince Esterházy’s magical palace, where a problem must be solved urgently!


original idea - texts

Despoina Papayannopoulou

direction - presentation

Nandia Kontogeorgi

Εθνική Συμφωνική Ορχήστρα της ΕΡΤ

μουσική διεύθυνση

Στάθης Σούλης

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