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Hélène Mercier, Alain Lefèvre Recital for two pianos

Mercier-Lefevre © Simon Fowler-Warner Classics - Copy


The consistently successful recitals of Canadian virtuoso pianist Alain Lefèvre in Greece have rightly made him one of the public’s most favourite international performers. This year, he teams up with his equally famous compatriot Hélène Mercier, presenting two works by the late child prodigy André Mathieu, hailed by the critics as the “Canadian Mozart”, composing his first works for piano at the age of four years old. ‘’Mathieu’s music is brimming with sensitivity in the mould of Rachmaninoff and does not hide its intention to move the listener in a direct and unpretentious way. Of particular appeal are also the world premiere of a composition by Lefèvre himself and the performance of Ravel’s beloved Boléro, whose version for two pianos, transcribed by the composer himself, is rarely presented.



Hélène Mercier


Alain Lefèvre


André Mathieu: Andante from Concertino no. 2, opus 13, transcription for two pianos: Achilles Wastor

Romantic rhapsody, transcription for two pianos: Achilles Wastor

Alain Lefèvre: Chagrin (Sadness) (world premiere), transcription for two pianos: Achilles Wastor

André Mathieu: Concerto no. 3 in C minor, opus 25, “De Québec” (“Québec Concerto”) transcription for two pianos: Achilles Wastor

Maurice Ravel: Boléro, transcription for two pianos by the composer himself

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