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George Kouroupos

Hope of Homeland
George Kouroupos Opera by George Kouroupos, set to a libretto by Ioulita Iliopoulou

Elpis Patridos c Efi Goussi


Commissioned by Megaron, the Athens Concert Hall – Premiere

The adventures around of the preparation and the outbreak of the Revolution of 1821 are the subject of the opera Hope of Homeland. The life of a family in Smyrna intersects with the historical events, persons and ideas that led to the Struggle for Liberation and the first steps in the formation of the modern Greek state.

Brave people whose spiritual strength or bold decisions and actions were decisive for the Revolution –Rigas, Kapodistrias, the members of Filiki Eteria, Papaflessas, Mavrokordatos, the hero fighters– give voice to the need for independence, while emblematic phases of this period, from the declaration of the Revolution to the first National Assembly at Epidaurus, project vividly the hope for a free homeland and a fairer life.

The imprint of events on the souls of the ordinary people who play a leading role, together with their innermost feelings, their meetings, and the evolution of their personal lives, including sacrifice and love, complement the reconstruction of a unique era, which gave birth to hope and solidified the constant demand for freedom and democracy.

Educational programme for adults

2/12 Writing the libretto for an opera: The interaction between speech and music, a conversation with Ioulita Iliopoulou and George Kouroupos. Admission free with admission tickets (online reservation).



Director: Thanos Papakonstantinou

Set design – Costumes: Niki Psychogiou

Lighting design: Christina Thanasoula


Tassis Christoyannis, baritone

Theodora Baka, mezzo-soprano

Tassos Apostolou, bass

Irini Karaianni, mezzo-soprano

Petros Magoulas, bass

Artemis Bogri, mezzo-soprano

Vassilis Kavayas, tenor

Yannis Kalivas, tenor

Michalis Psirras, baritone



The ERT Choir

The Athens State Orchestra

conducted by

Miltos Logiadis


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Organizer: Megaron Athens Concert Hall

Saturday 25.05.2024, 19:55:00


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