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All music is by default an indicator of its time. 20th century music reflects an era of rapid social transformations, the hopeful rise and crushing fall of ideologies and movements, the struggle to defend human dignity and diversity – but also their utter trivialisation. Contemporary music is a music of many faces, which strive to voice the new and the untold, while also turning to the old in order to transform it. It has experimented and continues to experiment with the most heterogeneous means in order to express the modern man’s soul, so sorely tried. Drawing on its musical expertise and imagination, the Ionian Festival Ensemble, whose prolific artistic activity focuses on the contemporary repertoire, has selected known and unknown pages of music from the last century, which although very different from each other, share the same quality and visionary approach.



Angelica Cathariou, mezzo-soprano

Ionian Festival Ensemble

Ana Chifu, flute

Spyros Tzekos, clarinet

Babis Karasavvidis, violin

Ilias Sdoukos, viola

Marina Kolovou, cello

Konstantinos Destounis, piano


Igor Stravinsky: Three songs from William Shakespeare (1953)

Suite from The Soldier’s Tale (1919)

Elegy (1944)


Luciano Berio: Air, for voice and four instruments (1970)

Musica leggera (canon in contrary motion and inversion with a short intermezzo, 1974)

Sir Harrison Birtwistle: Some petals from my Twickenham herbarium (1969)

Calliope Tsoupaki: Trio (2002)

Julia Wolfe: singing in the dead of night (2008)

Johannes Ockeghem: Ut heremita solus, motet for instrumental performance (transcribed for instrumental ensemble by Sir Harrison Birtwistle)

Pierre Boulez: Dérive 1 (1984)

Sir Harrison Birtwistle: Μερικά πέταλα από το φυτολόγιό μου του Τουίκεναμ (1969)





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