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Jidi Majia, a Chinese poet in Athens

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In collaboration with the “Poets’ Circle”
& the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China

Acquaintance with the poet Jidi Majia
The discussion will be coordinated by translator, poet and essayist Giorgos Blanas

The renowned Chinese poet Jidi Majia is the President of the China Minority Literary Association and Permanent Vice-President of the China Poets’ Association. His poems have been translated into English, French, Spanish, Czech, Serbian, Korean, Polish, German and other languages. He has won numerous awards in China and other countries.

In Chinese and in Greek with simultaneous translation

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The Friends of Music Society, in collaboration with the diaNEOsis Research and Policy Institute, organize a conference on the systematic mapping of cultural life in Greece.

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Wednesday 18.10.2023, 19:00


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