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The Symphonic Poem

Journey to the Center of Music
The Symphonic Poem The Athens State Orchestra Concerts

Λουκάς Καρυτινός


“What does the poet mean?… When Music tells a tale…” From the first attempts at orchestrally describing images and moods, to the great symphonic poems of Richard Strauss.


A series of interactive concerts that seek to shed light on what connects contemporary listeners with the timeless symphonic music, bringing it closer to both newcomers to the form and music lovers who are already fans. Videos, speeches and music are combined to interactively portray various individual symphonic music genres. Well-known and obscure historical facts, personal stories, hidden symbolisms and motifs, as well as the magic of the works’ structure, are presented in an entertaining way.




Christos Papageorgiou, Maria Efthymiou







Katerina Evangelakou

Athens State Orchestra


Lucas Karytinos


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