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Katerina Katsifaraki, Songlines

πορεία, 2019


Scattered around 19 different parts of the Garden, new in situ productions and recontextualisations of previous works, are presented in the exhibition’s natural environment, in part in daylight and in full from sunset until late at night.

The exhibition will also present the first screening the new documentary by Dimitra Kouzi, Do-Nothing Farming 2022, which provides the frame for the preparation of Katerina Katsifaraki’s installation, Seed balls. The video records the participatory production process of seed balls from vegetable seeds and grains in the workshop organized for this purpose by the natural cultivator, Panagiotis Manikis in Alagonia, Taygetos in May 2022.

Ephemeral installations and inconspicuous sculptural interventions in natural materials are spread over the grass and stone. Self-illuminated photographs are translated into landscape paintings amid the greenery, momentary videos like visual “haiku”, and projections without sound create a poetic universe which offers, through wandering and walking among fictional and real paths, an emotive connection with the natural setting and an inner, reflective experience of self.






Anna Cafetsi

Photos by

Angeliki Svoronou

Katerina Katsifaraki

Katerina Katsifaraki (Athens, 1970) studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts and at D.A.I in the Netherlands.

She has participated in exhibitions, residencies and performances in Greece and abroad. She designed and implemented in situ installations in various venues, such as The First and Last and Always Psiloritis Biennale, Crete, Museum Benaki/’NEMA’ (Athens), Rencontres Internationales Al Maken d’Art Actuel (Tunisia), Libby Sacer Foundation, Museum of Yugoslavia – May 25 Museum (Serbia), Studentski Kulturni Center (SKC), Outdoors Touring Balkan Project, in Serbia, Villa Weiner (Germany), Nomadic/Topos/Athena, Akademietheater van Utrecht (Netherlands), Středočeské Muzeum Rostoky (Czech Republic), El Estudio Ammeba, among others.

She has worked as a teacher in the School of Architecture of the Technical University of Crete, in the College of Athens (HAEF) and in public schools.


Dimitra Kouzi

Dimitra Kouzi is a documentary filmmaker, writer and producer.

Since 2008, she has been involved with documentaries in every creative role. Her latest documentary, Good Morning Mr Fotis / Passage to Europe, 2021, earned the Japan Foundation President’s Prize at the 2021 Japan Awards (NHK).

Her background is in communication and photography. She worked for more than 18 years as a TV and print journalist in Greece and Germany (ERT, ARTE, ZDF, DW).

Her personal work explores topics such as communication and networks, the process of change, our relationship with nature, and sustainable lifestyles. Her short film DoNothing Farming is a starting point for a new film under development, for which she will be travelling to Japan (11/2022). She is currently working on the documentary Connecting with Mit (Mitropoulos) – ARNode (Galaxidi) w.t.

She lives and works in Athens, Galaxidi (Delphi Municipality) and Berlin.



Panagiotis Manikis

Panagiotis Manikis was born in 1950 in Thessaloniki. He is a graduate of the Athens Higher Agricultural School and director of the Centre for Natural Cultivation in Edessa.

He lived in Japan near Fukuoka, where he studied the practice and philosophy of natural cultivation, a farming method without pesticides, fertilisers or agricultural machinery.

He has created a natural farm in Klisohori, Edessa, an earthly paradise where fruit trees, forest trees, vegetables, green manure crops and cereals grow together in harmony.

He has travelled to many parts of Asia, Africa, Europe and South America to organize practical workshops.

In recent years, he has mainly been active in Europe where he has been spreading information, always through practical workshops, about the seedball method and the idea of self-sufficiency.

Together with collaborators and volunteers from all over the world, he has facilitated the scattering of seeds for reforestation and the greening of deserts.

For over thirty years he has been working with both teachers and students in primary and secondary education for the creation of school vegetable gardens in many schools in Greece.




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