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Kiss me, Kate by Cole Porter

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Athens Concert Hall Organization
Armonia Atenea-The Friends of Music Orchestra

– Kiss me, Kate
Text: Sam & Bella Spewack
 Lyrics, music: Cole Porter

Dialogues in Greek. Songs in English with Greek surtitles.

Director: Paris Mexis, George Petrou
Choreography: John Todd
Set Designer: Paris Mexis, Alexia Theodoraki
Costume Designer: Alexia Theodoraki
Lighting Designer: Giorgos Tellos
Translation: Paris Mexis, George Petrou
Music Coaching: Dimitris Giakas
Assistant Conductor: Nikos Laaris
Assistant Director: Giorgina Germanou

Irini Karaianni
Haris Andrianos
Nadia Kontogeorgi
Iasonas Mandylas
Kostas Voutsas
Haris Romas
Dimitris Nalbantis
Yiannis Filias
Michalis Psyrras
Konstantina Tsirimona
Apostolis Psychramis

Vocal ensemble: Lito Messini, Peni Deliggiani, Marilena Chrisochoidi, Vagia Kofou,
Anastasia Kotsali, Elini Stamidou, Vaggelis Angelakis, Michalis Psyrras,
Yiannis Filias, Kostas Zabounis, Timos Sirlatzis, Sotiris Triantis

Dancers: Mimi Antonaki, Avgi Panayiotopoulou, Adonis Strouzas, Yiannis Labner 
Armonia Atenea-The Friends of Music Orchestra
Conductor: George Petrou

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