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Kostis Maraveyas at the Megaron Garden



Kostis Maraveyas opens this summer in a way that only he knows so well! With a party, a celebration of joy, emotion, dance and song. All together in the most beautiful spot of Athens. Lying on the grass, standing up, hugging each other, summer in the heart.

His first long-awaited party will take place at one of his favorite venues, where for three consecutive years he has performed sold out shows that have become a benchmark for his successful summer concerts, at the Garden of Megaron! Where we all danced, sang, became one, felt like children and filled our souls with joy and energy!

So it returns on 16 & 17 June in the garden, to remember, to laugh, to be moved and above all to leave at the end of the evening happier and lighter!

He returns from the studio with the song “Forgotten Adulthood” and his new album, with all our favorites from his discography and his own favorites that he covers and sings, he returns to the Garden at the Megaron to make us all part of a concert-celebration filled with a pervasive mood of resistance to negativity, anxiety and uncertainty of everyday life.


Co-production: MINOS EMI/UNIVERSAL – Megaron the Athens Concert Hall

Sponsor of events in the Garden:


Events at the Megaron Garden are held on the green. Spectators are welcome to bring pillows or throws.


Guest Artist

Xenia Dania

Electric base

Nikos Aggloupas

Electric guitar

Angelos Angelidis


Jim Staridas

Clarinet, Keyboards

Christos Kalkanis

percussion, drums

Demian Gomez  

Sound design

Sotiris Papakos, Andreas Koutalas

Lighting Design

Filippos Trepas



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