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Leopoldstadt by Tom Stoppard

NTL 2022 Leopoldstadt


Tom Stoppard’s new play “Leopoldstadt” (winner of the 2020 Olivier Award for Best New Play) is a family drama about love and endurance. 

In the early 20th century, Leopoldstadt was the old, densely populated Jewish quarter of Vienna. But Hermann Mertz, a factory owner and baptised Jew, marries Gretel, a Catholic, and ascends on the social scale. Fifty years of the family’s history unfold before us: the turmoil of war, the revolution, poverty, the annexation to Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. A cast of forty actors follows the protagonists as they change through time, in this epic and profoundly personal play. “Tom Stoppard’s magnificent masterpiece” (The Independent) was recorded live at London’s West End and is a must-see performance.

With English subtitles.

In cooperation with the British Embassy in Athens and the British Councill.


Tom Stoppard text

Patrick Marber director



Aidan McArdle, Faye Castelow, Sebastian Armesto, Arty Froushan



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21.10.2023 - 30.03.2024


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