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Les Percussions de Strasbourg 100 years since the birth of Yannis Xenakis

Κρουστά του Στρασβούργου © Vincent Arbelet


In the work of the great musical pioneer Iannis Xenakis, rhythm often becomes the key element and the protagonist. The clear, “absolute” and primordial sound of percussions was particularly fascinating for the composer, who in his music captured in such an inspired way the regenerative power of nature and the ancient Greek beauty, through the prism of mathematical logic and architectural precision. Les Percussions de Strasbourg, founded in France in 1962, are the six-member ensemble for which Xenakis composed the two works of this evening’s concert. The worthy successors of the first performers of the two works bring this sensational music back to the birthplace of its creator.





The event is part of the Meta-Xenakis Consortium activities planned for the centennial celebration from the birth of Iannis Xenakis. The jointly organized consortium, spanning five countries and three continents, was founded by several of Iannis Xenakis’s former students, collaborators and dedicatees. with the common goal  to create a truly transcontinental celebration of the life and work of the polymath Iannis Xenakis (1922 – 2001). The main partners are actively collaborating with other local artists and institutions in order to celebrate not only the man and his work but also his artistic and philosophical legacy that has made an indelible imprint on the arts in the twenty-first century. Planned events include many exhibitions, concerts, workshops, public lectures, masterclasses, open calls and composition competitions.


Les Percussions de Strasbourg

Minh-Tâm Nguyen  
Alexandre Esperet                   
Hsin-Hsuan Wu                 
Yi-Ping Yang                                             
François Papirer                                         
Thibaut Weber


Iannis Xenakis: Pléïades (1979)

                            Persephassa (1969)


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