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Loukianos of the Children

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The songs of Loukianos Kilaidonis are ageless. They inhabit the world of today’s children as well as that of grown-ups. The handsome cowboy from Kypseli, with music as his weapon, aimed at our tenderest feelings and will live in our hearts for ever.
His wife Anna Vagena directs the performance Loukianos of the Children, featuring a fantastic group of artists in songs from the 1992 album Ah, patrida mou glykia [Ah, my Sweet Homeland] and the plays The King’s New Clothes, Vassos and Viví, Fino, and The Scarecrow’s Dream. For ‘children’ of all ages!
Actors: Antonis Loudaros, Giasemí Kilaidoni
Singers: Doros Dimosthenous, Maria Kilaidoni
Director: Anna Vagena
Seven-member ensemble conducted by Vassilis Ginos
Archival material of Loukianos Kilaidonis selected by Anna Vagena & Aphrodite Daskalaki
Set & Costume Designer: Antonis Chalkias
Lighting Designer: Antonis Panayotopoulos

Co-produced by Metaxourgeio and the Athens Concert Hall



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